ABQ Mathematics-Intermediate

The aim of this course is to extend teaching skills and knowledge in connection with the intermediate division mathematics program, and to prepare teachers to integrate content with inquiry and problem solving skills, with technology, and with the creation of positive learning experiences within an intermediate mathematics setting. This course will provide the foundation for an analysis of our knowledge, our experiences, and our beliefs around mathematics education, in order to identify the strengths that we must bring to our practices, and address the challenges that call us to change. It will support all foundations of professional practice for the teaching profession: Teaching Practice, Ongoing Professional Development, Professional Knowledge, Leadership and the Community, and Commitment to Students. This course will build on this understanding through professional readings, collaborative discussions, ongoing analysis and teacher reflection, and engaging in mathematics content through inquiry and problem solving, both as course participants and with students as part of a classroom-based action research project. Strategies and methodologies that will be employed throughout the course include, but are not limited to: small group interaction, action research, presentations, independent inquiry, collaborative learning, professional reading, direct instruction, reflection, etc.

School of Education