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Duncan Matheson

Duncan Matheson

Associate Professor

School of Social Work


Dr. Matheson's primary academic focus is social policy and administration.  He currently coordinates the BSW Program at Laurentian’s Barrie campus.  Prior to his academic career, Duncan's professional experience included:

  • psychiatric social work, at the Mental Health Centre, Penetanguishene;
  • community development, for the Metro Toronto Social Planning Council;
  • policy analysis, at the Community Development Branch, MCSS; and
  • management of a community-based health and social services centre (Somerset West) for the Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton.

Since joining the faculty at Laurentian, he has been a member of the Senate and Board of Governors Executive Committees (1989-91), Co-Chair of the Laurentian University Strategic Planning Steering Committee (1991-93), Director of the School of Social Work (1991-94 and 2003-06), Chair of the Deans and Directors of Schools of Social Work of Ontario (1993-94), a Board member of the Ontario Social Development Council (1993-02), a member of the Research Advisory Committee for the Roeher Institute (1992-97), and a policy analyst and researcher at the Premier’s Council of Ontario (1994-95), Coordinator of the MSW Program (1996-01 & 2003-05), and BSW Coordinator at the Laurentian's Georgian campus  (2010-2015).  He is currently the Principal of Laurentian University's campus in Barrie.

Dr. Matheson teaches courses in social policy, planning, administration, and mediation.  He has conducted research and published in the areas of income security, program accountability, and strategic planning in human service organizations.  Duncan initiated and oversees the development of the  Online Guide to Social Policy in Ontario < >.


  • PhD (Social Policy and Administration) - University of Toronto 1988
  • MSW (Community Development and Planning) - University of Toronto, 1975
  • BA Hons (History/Sociology) - Trent University 1972