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Forensic Identification

The Bachelor of Forensic Identification is offered exclusively to Forensic Identification Officers. Courses are offered by e-learning and practicums.


The Bachelor in Forensic Identification degree (BFI) is exclusively for Canadian police officers and civilian members of Canadian police services who have successfully completed the basic Forensic Identification training at either the Ontario Police College or the Canadian Police College. It is the only program of its kind in North America. There are approximately 130 officers enrolled from coast to coast. The degree combines an e-learning curriculum with intense one week periods of study at the Ontario Police College or the Calgary and Edmonton Police Services. Course selection is left to the discretion of the officer. The degree maximizes the educational value that can be delivered as each officer can tailor the degree to the specific needs of their service and individual intellectual interests.


Practicums are modelled on the advanced instructions Forensic Identification officers receive in the one week, 40-hour courses. In our degree, we call these “Practicums” and since they equal the number of hours of instruction that normally takes place over a full term [e.g. September to December], they are worth three credits. Practicums are optional however, they are designed to provide the officer with a hands-on application of the knowledge that is acquired in an e-learning course.

Announcing: New Certificate in Environmental Solutions

The School of Natural Sciences is now offering a Certificate in Environmental Solutions. This certificate is available to students in all programs and equips students with the knowledge to address pressing environmental challenges. Explore the intersection of science and environmental advocacy through the certificate, choosing between courses in Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, History, Law, and more.

View the certificate’s course list here (PDF)


Key Features

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The only program of its kind in North America.
A certificate with a graduation cap on it
Laurentian University has an educational partnership with the Ontario Police College and the Canadian Police College.

Career Opportunities

The BFI degree is exclusively for Canadian police officers who investigate crime scenes and is the only program of its kind in North America.

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