Animal Care and Lab-Bio Safety

Animal Care

Laurentian University maintains and supports a policy for the responsible care and use of animals in research. Animal related research allows us to gain knowledge essential to preventing and curing human and animal disease, eliminating pain and suffering, and in teaching for the purpose of scientific and technical education. Laurentian University co-operates and complies with all agencies in Canada regulating the use of laboratory animals. 

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For animal care questions, please contact Casey Sigurdson at extension 2436 or at



 Contact Information


 Rod Jouppi

 Animal Care Facility, R-101

 Phone: 705-675-1151, ext. 2438

 Director and Veterinarian 

 Animal Care Facility

 Chris Blomme

 Animal Care Facility, R-101

 Phone: 705-675-1151, ext. 2115


 Animal Care Facility

 Nicole Paquette

 Animal Care Facility, R-101


 Phone: 705-675-1151, ext. 1032



 Animal Care Facility

 Lise Carrière      

 Office of Research Services




 Ethics Officer

Next Meetings of the Animal Care Committee

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Lab-Bio Safety

Safety standards are designed to reduce the inherent risks in the handling of dangerous materials and potentially dangerous procedures or practices. All laboratories can be inherently dangerous places and the attitudes and actions of those who work in the laboratory determine their own safety and that of their colleagues and, ultimately, that of the community. Different standards are set for different levels of risk.  High levels of risk require more stringent standards than lower levels of risks. Laboratory equipment and design have become more sophisticated and safer, but safe operation still depends on properly trained and genuinely concerned personnel, who are safety conscious at all times.

For certification for projects using bio-hazards or radiation, please contact Gail Cowper-Benoit at ext. 3061 or by email at